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Ski bindings are what transfer all the energy from your boots to your skis so they react how you want them to. Bindings are a technical piece of equipment, so it?s best to speak to one of our expert team members who will be able to help find the right bindings for you. Below is a general guide to ski bindings.

Binding Parts

Toe: The Toe holds the front of the boot in place, and also contains an anti-friction device (AFD) for smooth boot release.

Heel: Engages the binding with downward force. You can release the boot by pushing down at the tail.

Brake: Parallel when engaged but face down and dig into the snow when released.


The 3 Key Factors

Ski Width

The brakes must be wide enough to clear the edges of your skis but not too wide that they drag while turning. Skis will mention 3 dimensions e.g. 115/90/112, so in this case the width underfoot is 90mm ? which is the measurement you will base the brake width on. Look for a binding as close to this width as possible.


Most boots and bindings are compatible but always check with the manufacturers guidelines.

Type of Riding

How aggressive you ride determines how strong the binding needs to be as well as the release force (DIN) range.

DIN Setting

The DIN value is the trigger value that releases the binding in the event of a crash that helps minimize the risk of injury. The lower the DIN value, the less force is required for release.

Skiing ability/style as well as height/weight will help you determine the appropriate DIN range for your bindings.

Bindings with a higher DIN range are typically stronger, and are better suited to more aggressive advanced or expert skiers. A trained technician should always set and adjust the final DIN values in the binding.


It?s super important to note that any bindings that are not pre-mounted must be mounted by a trained technician! This service is provided free at our Torpeod7 Snow Workshops for all products purchased at Torpedo7

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