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    • Moto maintenance – Oil Change

      Moto maintenance – Oil Change

      Now your engine is running smoothly (read moto maintenance blog #1) we need to get the air flowing in to the engine plentiful and clean. Likely one of the most loathed processes of maintaining your dirt bike, changing and cleaning air filters is often far more difficult than it should be. Dealing... Read Post

      • 21 Feb 2018
    • Moto Maintenance – Oil Change

      Moto Maintenance – Oil Change

      Just picked up a new machine, or dusting yours off for some summer riding? Our moto experts are here to help with a few tips so you can get your bike ready for the track and trails. Over the following weeks we’ll be releasing a series of maintenance tips for you and your ride, with […] Read Post

      • 14 Feb 2018
    • Godzone, the final countdown…

      Godzone, the final countdown…

      Over the past few years multi-day adventure racing has made a comeback in New Zealand largely thanks to the development of Godzone – a 500km non-stop, multi-discipline, unsupported, teams adventure race. Since Godzone began in 2012 it has gone from strength to strength attracting top quality New... Read Post

      • 08 Feb 2018
    • Recovering from a nasty MTB crash – Andrew Sloan

      Recovering from a nasty MTB crash – Andrew Sloan

      On the  26th of November 2017 while mountain biking on one of my regular tracks here in Wanaka and Hawea area, the Dean’s bank mountain bike track, I had a crash. I have no recollection of any of this the only thing the vague memory of is the onlookers who were first on the scene […] Read Post

      • 05 Feb 2018
    • Smart Trainers

      Smart Trainers

      More and more people are falling in love with smart trainers and what they have to offer. Whether you’re trying to get an edge on the competition, time poor, or simply keen to jump on the next big thing. Then investing in a quality smart trainer is a must. With the App’s available to tap... Read Post

      • 01 Feb 2018
    • Craigieburn Enduro race report – by Kieran Bennett

      Craigieburn Enduro race report – by Kieran Bennett

      For the first time in a few years the weather finally played ball for the Craigieburn Enduro in the foot hills of the Southern Alps here near Christchurch and we were greated with a stunning hot day for racing. I haven’t been able to make it to this event since 2014 so I was pretty […] Read Post

      • 25 Jan 2018
    • A Solid win at Red Bull Defiance for Braden Currie & Dougal Allan

      A Solid win at Red Bull Defiance for Braden Currie & Dougal Allan

      In sweltering weather that could not be more different to last year’s arctic blast, Braden Currie and his teammate Dougal Allan displayed their world-class credentials, winning the two-day Red Bull Defiance Elite category in 12hours:14mins:48secs on Sunday. Photo by: Miles Holden It was their... Read Post

      • 22 Jan 2018
    • Rod’s Top Gear Picks for Torpedo7 Skyline Traverse

      Rod’s Top Gear Picks for Torpedo7 Skyline Traverse

      The countdown is on and my pre-race butterflies have started earlier than usual, have I done enough training is what keeps going through my mind, should I trade my chair for a standing desk and why is everyone in the office coughing in January!  I have a history of getting sick in the weeks... Read Post

      • 12 Jan 2018
    • Away in Awakino

      Away in Awakino

      Sara: “just googled images of the St Mary’s range….check this out…decision made…I am DEFINITELY going…you in??” Me: “Yes! I’m in!” Sara: “Well that was hard ;-)” And with that brief conversation, we were signing up to mountain bike up the... Read Post

      • 11 Jan 2018
    • Red Bull Defiance – Compulsory Equipment

      Red Bull Defiance – Compulsory Equipment

      The information below provides reference to the compulsory equipment required for the Red Bull Defiance two day teams event and the single stage events (Minaret Burn MTB and Skyline Traverse Run). Compulsory equipment checks WILL be conducted at race start and may occur at anytime during the course... Read Post

      • 10 Jan 2018